One Can Only Imagine What “the Lord” Might be Telling Them Next?


“Once you believe someone has a direct phone line to God, you’re in trouble.” Marc Breault, David Koresh’s second-in command, who left the cult in 1989.

Many will say to me on that day, “Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name and in your name drive out demons and in your name perform many miracles?” Then I will tell them plainly, “I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!” Matthew 7:22.23.


Today all kinds of false prophets are mushrooming everywhere. They claim they are receiving dreams and visions from the Lord. They want us to believe that the Lord communicates with them directly, through audible messages and pictures impregnated with meaning. You know them by their signature claims: “The Lord told me!” They like to say also: “Last night the Lord gave me a dream”. Some of them even believe that God gave them the authority to decree future events and circumstances into actual existence. Unlike the prophets of old, who were often rejected and persecuted, the modern-day prophets are superstars, even celebrities.

One does not need to go far beyond YouTube or some familiar Christian TV networks and channels to become aware of their relentless activities. They could also be easily found in your next-door “word of faith, signs and wonders” church, prophesying about “enlarging your tent”, or “receiving a favor from the Lord”. In their eyes God uniquely favors America, above all nations in the world, and it is their duty to help God create favorable circumstances to bring about the biggest revival America has ever witnessed, as well as to usher in the Kingdom of God with power.

Often, their dreams are not much different from the dreams of the rest of us, shaped by all kinds of stressful and anxious situations in life. The difference, however is in that they love to give the nonsensical and surreal images they see in their dreams and other moments of special inspiration the extravagant prophetic meanings. The weirder their dreams, visions or pictures are, the more convinced they are that God is directly revealing something of crucial importance to them.

But do not assume that those numerous “prophets” are agreeing with each other most of the time. Most of them are continuously upgrading and reinterpreting their dreams and visions. And when things do not happen exactly the way they’ve prophesied, they just move on as if nothing has happened. In the worst case they would simply delate the incriminating video from YouTube and replace it with another one with new dates and new charts. In any case it seems their followers do not mind the plasticity of their prophecies as long as their prophetic zeal continues to flourish.

I know of several “prophets” who have, over the past five years announced that the Earth would be hit by a huge celestial object, but their prophetically announced dates have already come and gone multiple times. One cannot even remember how many times they have changed the dates prophesied for the appearance of the Antichrist, signing of the Middle East peace treaty, beginning of the Armageddon, rapture or tribulation, or return of the Nephilim. Visit the YouTube search engine today and you will find a number of prophetically punctuated dates, spread across the calendar between now and the end of this year.

We need, however, to pay a special attention to a growing number of the militant “intercessors”, “spiritual warriors”, “God’s generals” and “prophets” who believe that their divinely appointed place is to be embedded with the current American administration. They are declaring peace, safety, spiritual and material prosperity to all who line up behind the “Lord’s Anointed”, and promising wrath to all those who dare challenge his leadership. Again, one only needs to google the following themes: “Trump Prophecies”, “Chosen by God to Stop America’s Destruction”, “President Trump Will Clean Up America”, “Amazing Revelation of President Trump in the Bible”, “God’s Trumpet”. These and many other similar videos speak volumes.

Mark Taylor, also known as “the fireman prophet”, is only one among many rising stars in the world of contemporary prophets who loves to prophetically elevate the President Trump. Jerry Falwell Jr. is at this time facing a strong opposition of the embarrassed Liberty University students, who are petitioning the university leadership to have the production of the new movie to feature Mark Taylor and his Trump prophecies stopped. Mark Taylor is known for his “prophetic” utterances by which he calls Donald Trump “God’s miracle to America”. He claims that God calls Donald Trump “My President.”. He said also that it was according to God’s plan that Barack Obama “was in the office for eight years”. According to him “America needed to build a righteous anger necessary to elect Trump and thereby save the world.” Apparently, Mark Taylor prophesied in 2011 that Donald Trump would become the next US President, and that “despite his many enemies, God would protect him”. “They will say things about this man, the enemy, but it will not affect him. For even as the feathers of a duck protect it (a duck), so shall my feathers protect this (next) president”, predicted Mark Taylor before the 2016 presidential elections.

A somewhat spooky gathering of prophetic minds, named “Turnaround: An Appeal to Heaven National Gathering” was held only a few weeks ago in the Trump International Hotel in Washington DC. Over one thousand in attendance prayed for the “unleashing angel armies against his (Trump’s) enemies”. The organizers claimed that the event will launch a worldwide spiritual revival, and spiritual breakthrough at home. All who dare stand in opposition to the current President were portrayed as “the Antichrist forces.” They declared that “now that the church woke up” it needed to “move from pleading with God to ruling with him and Trump”. They decreed also that God is now “authorizing the church to destroy all God’s enemies and all the enemies of America, in the name of Jesus Christ”.

Dutch Sheets, the main engine behind the event, “decreed” that Trump “will accomplish everything Almighty God sent him into that house to do, regardless of who likes it or who doesn’t”. He prayed defiantly, as if casting some kind of Christian curse, against every shadowy political and “deep state” entity, and everyone else who dared challenge or disagreed with the current president: “You will fail! The (Church) will take you out. The outpouring of Holy spirit will take you out. Angels will take you out. You are no match for any of the above. You are no match for his prophetic decrees. So, we push you back. Your finest hour has come and gone. And the church now raises to the place that he has called us to walk in. We now rise up and I call that new order into the earth.” (Watch the video at the end of the article.)

The most ironic twist in the current “prophetic” storm is that many “prophets” of the day are now busy hijacking the legacy of Billy Graham, the greatest evangelist of the 20th century, by claiming the mantle of his leadership. The New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) leader Lou Engle has been voicing such claims even before the departure of Billy Graham. Identifying himself with the prophet Elisha he marked the margin of his Bible with the following statement: “I will not let you go Billy Graham until you let a double portion of your spirit be upon me and a new generation of evangelists.” Benny Hinn, Kenneth Copeland, Paula White, John Hagee and numerous other “prosperity-filled” evangelists dream too of being seen as new Billy Grahams of America. In fact, it seems that the most vocal pretenders to his mantle are coming from the hyper-prophetic circles.

Let it be known that by all Biblical standards those “prophets”, even when fragments of their prophesying assume the appearance of truth, are not speaking for God. Their shaking and jittering, mumbles and shrieks are not the movements of the Holy Spirit. Their “kingly intercessions”, prophetic declarations and decrees, as well as their blessings and curses amount to nothing. Such prophets are charlatans and counterfeits, offering “a strange fire” to the Lord. Leviticus 10:1. They are the deceitful and presumptuous influences that fit the words of Paul, an attested apostle and prophet: “The time will come when people will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear.”  2.Tim. 4:3. NIV

And this is why?

Modern day super prophets are doing everything opposite to what the prophets of old, appointed by God, ever did. Foremost, they are lacking the basic gift all true prophets must have – discernment. They are uncritically laying their hands on the man who is a habitual liar, a deceiver by profession, and lacking any moral compass. They are calling him “the God’s anointed”, and “a president after God’s heart” although everything we know about him points in the opposite direction.

Moreover, they are ideologically driven prophets who, unlike the prophets of old, do not care about “the poor and the widow, the fatherless and the immigrant” (Zechariah 7:9.10. Amos 8:4. Micah 6:8.). “The word” they are receiving, and their revelations and divine biddings are informed by their political allegiance and not from the Throne of God. Their god loves Donald Trump and his vices; and continues to hate just as passionately both Clintons and Barack Obama. Under the anointing of their god many of those prophets are continuing to expect, any day now, to see Obama transforming into the Antichrist. Accordingly, their god must love the policies that segregate people, build walls, excite racial prejudices and hatred; and will have nothing to do with the immigrants, social outcasts, homeless and otherwise abused. Consequently, concern for righteousness, justice, kindness and protection of the weak is far from the lips of the modern-day super-prophets. They are in the family of the ancient apostate prophets, hired by the corrupt kings of Israel and Judah, to endorse their unrighteous, corrupt, often evil policies and practices. Such prophets, unlike the ancient prophets of God, never dare prophetically speak truth to power.

By placing their laying utterances in the mouth of the Lord they are insulting the God of truth. There is a world of difference between making untrue statements in ignorance, or giving credit to God for one’s lies and wistful claims. Against such prophets Jeremiah the prophet warned with the unmistaken clarity: “Thus, says the Lord of hosts: ‘Do not listen to the words of the prophets who prophesy to you, filling you with vain hopes. They speak visions of their own minds, not from the mouth of the Lord. They say continually to those who despise the word of the Lord, ‘It shall be well with you.’ Jeremiah 23:16.17. ‘I have heard what the prophets say who prophesy lies in my name. They say, ‘I had a dream! I had a dream!’ How long will this continue in the hearts of these lying prophets, who prophesy the delusions of their own minds? Therefore, declares the Lord, I am against the prophets who steal from one another words supposedly from me. Yes – declares the Lord – I am against the prophets who wag their own tongues and yet declare, ‘The Lord declares.’ Indeed, I am against those who prophesy false dreams,’ declares the Lord. ‘They lead my people astray with their reckless lies, yet I did not send or appoint them. They do not benefit these people in the least,’ declares the Lord.” Jeremiah 23:25-32.

America today is at important political, social and spiritual junction. We need God’s wisdom and discernment. I pray too that America will go back to God. We must ask “the Lord of the harvest to send out workers into his harvest field.” Matthew 9:38. NIV. But we had better be careful who we follow lest we be deceived the way the followers of David Koresh were deceived 25 years ago.

May the Lord help us reject the hijacking voices and utterances of the lying prophets who are at this time presumptuously and arrogantly prophesying their visions of the political and spiritual revival of America. If those loud “prophets” would have their way, the officially sanctioned brand of Christianity in the US might not look much different than the aggressive religious jihadism of the Middle East. Indeed, one can only wonder what is in store if the unchecked power is granted to the choruses of prophetic zealots, intercessors and warriors who, emboldened by the current political climate, are alrady, “in the name of Jesus,” claiming dominion over “God’s and American enemies?” Maybe the Administrator for the “Prophets for Trump” website and Facebook page is giving us a possible hint as to the ambitions of their prophetic zeal: “We still have some uprooting or overthrowing to do. (But) Kingdom overthrow is upon us!”

It is a historically proven fact that when religious fanatics are given a free ride, in the times of social and political upheaval and confusion, the heads roll. Should any major war break out soon on our doorstep, those “holy” prophetic warriors, intercessors and “God’s generals” will, no doubt get around the President to prophesy his victory and dominion, and all of it “in the name of Jesus”.

One can only imagine what “the Lord” might be telling them next?

Recommended link: Craig Greenfield: Modern Day Prophets. They are not Who You Might Think.

About Tihomir Kukolja

Tihomir Kukolja, born in Pozega, Croatia. Studied, lived and worked in Yugoslavia, Croatia, United Kingdom, Australia and the US. Educated in theology, communications, and radio journalism. Worked as a church pastor, media professional, radio producer and presenter, journalist, religious liberty activist, and reconciliation and leadership development activist. Lives in Houston TX, USA. Until recently served as the Executive Director, Forum for Leadership and Reconciliation (Forum), and Director of Renewing Our Minds (ROM) initiative. Loves photography, blogging and social media.
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