Beloved and Dangerous Cult

A group of friends are discussing the prospective origin of a beautifully designed chair in the room. It was a solid, antique Victorian wooden armchair, almost royal in appearance covered with red leather upholstery. Although they knew very little about the origins of this chair all of them instantly concluded that it had to be designed and crafted by a skilled craftsman-designer. Having established with ease the basic fact that the object they witnessed in the room was indeed a Victorian chair, they now tried to figure out who could have been its designer, and how did it come to be in that room.

Let’s imagine now that from the outset these friends disagreed about the most obvious fact; that the chair was the result of the creative work of at least one craftsman. Imagine that one or two of them started to argue adamantly that the chair was not a product of the intelligent design, but of a brainless and impersonal set of coincidences, pushed forward without anyone’s assistance, over a period of countless millions of years?  I am sure that the rest of the group would have been seriously concerned about the mental state and sanity of their friends given to an insane fantasy. Who would have in his or her right mind ever suggested that an object wonderfully crafted could have ever come into existence in any other way than by being deliberately and thoughtfully created and modeled by someone who knew what he was doing?

So is the case with everything else that surrounds us: tables, pianos, cars, houses, rockets, the most sophisticated computers, artificial intelligence – they came into existence because someone intelligent enough designed and created them. None of those just happened to be by themselves. One does not need any kind of scientific sophistication to understand that. 

But, wait! As soon as one applies this kind of reasoning to more complex and sophisticated creations – such as the huge universe with its countless celestial systems and bodies, or to our own earth with its ecosystem, including all living organisms and spices, animals and human life, and much more – the ‘educated’ reasoning suddenly changes in favor of those who argue that none of those needed a designer, and that literally everything that exists and supports life came into existence, and continued to develop beyond our wildest imagination, purely by chance, with no outside help. 

In fact, it is this kind of belief that is embraced today as the official science of our civilization, taught in schools, and advocated by the media as a demonstrable fact, and embraced by a growing number of churches and spiritual gurus who have added only a gentle theistic injection into it. It is known as the Darwin’s theory of evolution by natural selection. Today, those of us who continue to believe that the spacious universe needed its own designer-creator just as much as the most ordinary chair needs its own creator,  are being scorned, laughed at and humiliated, and called primitive lunatics. 

Why is that so? The answer is very straightforward and scientifically simple. 

The origins of everything and anything can be argued only one of the two ways: either someone big, smart, supper intelligent created the universe and all life, including human life; or no one created anything, suggesting that literally everything must have originated out of nothing, and moved along by the invisible train of mindless coincidences. There exists no third choice, even if one were to introduce the cosmic aliens into the equation. 

Since responding affirmatively to the question of creation and intentional design would lead by necessity to the questions of our accountability to the Creator, the world that does not want to be accountable to anyone, has a-priory chosen to reject any involvement of the Creator God in our origins. Instead, it has wholeheartedly and unquestionably embraced an ear-tickling theory of blind chance.

The theory of evolution is not a science. It is a story of a mafia stealing an airplane and changing its manufacturing and ownership documents, and selling it as a new product to unsuspected customer. It is a story of a spoiled child stealing a toy from another child and claiming it as his own property. It is a story of counterfeiting, ideological manipulations, and crippled truths. It is a fiction that has got only a few minor elements of its theory right. But even those are not capable of proving the factuality of the weakest links of the theory – those about spontaneous transitions from one living kind to another. The very much needed fossil record of the multitudes of transitional spices, which should be scattered everywhere in plain sight for everyone to see if the theory was right, does not exist. 

Science is a big word today, most often used for misleading purposes. Science that is genuine does exist indeed. It is empirically observable and demonstrable. Its results are easily proven and repeated. The same scientific principles that operate in the most sophisticated laboratories of the world are observable in the kitchen of anyone’s favorite restaurant. When you order your favorite meal, you know what the outcome of your order would look like because the restaurant cook would work on your meal by scientifically mixing together all required ingredients in the ways that would with certainty create your delicious dish. 

But then there exists a wistful thinking, ideologically dangerous ‘science’ with properties of a cult, known as the theory of evolution. It is driven by atheism that has predetermined in advance that it did not need God. It is a morally corrupt theory lacking all the ingredients needed to qualify as science. It cannot be demonstrated, observed, subjected to repeated examination. It is a smokescreen ideology advanced by the superstitious civilization, desperate to do away with any sense of accountability to God, and in its place a superman eager to master a new age of “guided evolution”. It is a hallmark of the age of fake facts and dangerous ambitions persued by the high priests of human self-worship, dreaming of completing the unfinished Tower of Babel. 

OS Guinness, a well-known author and social critic is more than hinting at the moral decadence of this kind of science in his book “Impossible People, Christian Courage and the Struggle for the Soul of Civilization” as he writes: “Belief in God as Creator has been replaced by confidence in Man as Creator. ‘We can now engineer the human race,’ the MIT Technology Review tells us modestly. We can be certain that ‘if it can be done, it will be done’. Our scientist-kings and our brave new age of biotechnology (and then astrotechnology: the engineering of space) are the latest in giant steps that will take this Babel drive to a new level. At the spiritual level it carries with it the greatest boost to the pretensions of human autonomy and idolatry since Babel and takes it far beyond such disastrous stumbles as the fiasco of Stalin’s ‘new man’ and Hitler’s ‘new race’. It will also resurrect the specter of new and refined forms of eugenics that could make the appalling Nazi experiments and China’s horrendous gendercide policy look primitive.”

All of this comes under the inspiration of a dangerous vision of “guided evolution”. There where God is considered dead, humanity created in God’s image is being killed too, and replaced by the civilization of beasts. In other words, if the preachers of ‘science’ built out of smoke succeed in convincing us that we have come so far riding a train of countless coincidences, without the need for the engine or the driver, then what is there to stop some bold souls of this “brave new world” to give the theory of the survival of the fittest a sinister helping hand? For the generation that is increasingly short of any sense of accountability towards the Creator, will be even less accountable to its fellow human family. 

It remains, at the end, that advancing the theory of spontaneous evolution through natural selection is like advancing a cult. It is the ambitiously dishonest, immoral and idolatrous theory. It is a cry of defiance of a foolish and rebellious civilization, blindfolded by choice, with its angry fist raised high against God, and shouting: “We don’t need you God. We will continue to create the gods in our own image, to lead us.” 

Indeed, the words of the wise man ought not to escape us at this time: “The fool says in his heart, ‘There is no God’.” Psalm 14:1.

About Tihomir Kukolja

Tihomir Kukolja, born in Pozega, Croatia. Studied, lived and worked in Yugoslavia, Croatia, United Kingdom, Australia and the US. Educated in theology, communications, and radio journalism. Worked as a church pastor, media professional, radio producer and presenter, journalist, religious liberty activist, and reconciliation and leadership development activist. Lives in Houston TX, USA. Until recently served as the Executive Director, Forum for Leadership and Reconciliation (Forum), and Director of Renewing Our Minds (ROM) initiative. Loves photography, blogging and social media.
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