Warning Against Fake Miracles

The Bible Study I had a privilege to teach yesterday was about Luke chapter 7.

Jesus did not raise the dead man out of or into some kind of zombie-like or a Frankenstein-like existence. It was an act of complete recreation of life, with an instant and full awakening to physical life. It was a manifestation of the same creative power, the same Word, and the same authority that was spoken into the creation of the universe. And whichever person was healed by Jesus he/she was completely restored to the most optimal conditions of health this side of eternity. None of them was healed partially or only seemingly. In other words, a previously blind man was not restored to see only vaguely, a previously paralyzed man could not now walk only for a week, and a resurrected person did not die one week later from the unfinished business of the sickness that killed him at the first place. Nor did he walk out of his coffin as a mindless zombie, struggling to unstiffen his bones and muscles for a week or two after the resurrection miracle.

Whenever Jesus heals one witnesses the unimaginable creative power of God at work and not a cheap and spooky magic.

Take a moment to listen to this short highlight of warnings against false miracles and miracle-makers.

About Tihomir Kukolja

Tihomir Kukolja, born in Pozega, Croatia. Studied, lived and worked in Yugoslavia, Croatia, United Kingdom, Australia and the US. Educated in theology, communications, and radio journalism. Worked as a church pastor, media professional, radio producer and presenter, journalist, religious liberty activist, and reconciliation and leadership development activist. Lives in Houston TX, USA. Until recently served as the Executive Director, Forum for Leadership and Reconciliation (Forum), and Director of Renewing Our Minds (ROM) initiative. Loves photography, blogging and social media.
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