Truth Matters

Does it matter if our leaders lie, if we lie to each other and to ourselves? More than ever it is important that the followers of Jesus resist the culture of systematic lying and deception. Spreading lies and advancing the culture of deception comes with consequences. All Truth is God’s Truth. Speak to God truthfully. Speak to others and to yourself truthfully. This too is included in the greatest commandment: “Love your God with all your heart, and your neighbor as yourself.”  We are called to look upon Jesus, who is the Truth to lead us into all truth, including the truths that surround us in our earthly human encounters.  We are called to filter everything through Jesus. Watch and listen to the message I shared in Crikvenica, Croatia with the participants attending the 2021 Renewing our Minds (ROM) Gathering, early July 2021. Time 29:48 min

About Tihomir Kukolja

Tihomir Kukolja, born in Slavonska Pozega, Croatia in 1954. Studied, lived and worked in Yugoslavia, Croatia, United Kingdom, Australia and the US. Education in theology, communications, and radio journalism. Worked as a church pastor, media professional, radio producer and presenter, journalist, religious liberty activist, and reconciliation and leadership development activist. Lives in Baytown TX, USA with professional ties with Seattle WA, USA and Fuzine, Croatia. Currently serves as the Executive Director, Forum for Leadership and Reconciliation (Forum), and Director of Renewing Our Minds (ROM) initiative. Loves photography, blogging and social media. Views, opinions and interests expressed in this blog are those of the author and contributors alone, and do not necessarily represent the views of organizations with which the author is or has been associated in the past.
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