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Let Jesus be Jesus

Short Advent Reflection At this time of Advent, leading to Christmas, when everything seems so radically politicized and polarized, let’s remember that Jesus refused to be a military emperor. He refused to be used to go against the Roman Empire … Continue reading

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One Day It Will Not Be a False Flag

Advent Reflection  “In the last days scoffers will come…  and say, ‘Where is this ‘coming” he promised?’” 2. Peter 3:3.4. There was a time when believing in the soon return of Jesus Christ defined the lives of many of my … Continue reading

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Come, Lord Jesus

Advent Reflection     When Jesus Christ came for the first time, as a powerless baby, it seemed as if the whole world was asleep. Only a few anticipated His birth. Many more could have known about His gentle arrival … Continue reading

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Death Shall Be No More

      Every morning, five days a week, I drive next to a local graveyard. At this time of the year at 7 AM hundreds of tombstones look as if they are stretching themselves above the layers of the … Continue reading

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Maranatha! Merry Christmas!

A few weeks ago I tried to help my six-year old son to see that Jesus is the real Santa; the only one who surprises us with good gifts, of which the most important one was the gift of His … Continue reading

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