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Are We Ready to Welcome Refugees This Time?

I am at this time working on putting together my first book. It will be a selection of a number of my articles, released and published over the years. This one is a candidate for the book. I would like … Continue reading

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Today We are Ashamed

  Today EU and the Balkans have capitulated to fear and lack of empathy.  Balkan countries along the refugee corridor have sealed their borders, one by one. At the one end of the Balkan refugee corridor Slovenia closed its border … Continue reading

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Here’s What We’re Getting Wrong

    As we stand together around the world, shocked and mourning with the thousands who lost their fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, relatives, and friends in France, Lebanon, and Iraq, one thing bothers me most about the narrative around the … Continue reading

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Refugee Notes, October 2015: Winter is Coming

Mid October 2015 the circumstances surrounding the trail of refugees through Serbia and Croatia drastically changed. Hungarians, who for several weeks somehow cooperated with Croatia by letting thousands of refuges enter Hungary from Croatia closed the border. One month earlier … Continue reading

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Winter Appeal: Help us Help Refugees

You are only one click away from making a difference in the new ROM’s mission for refugees in Europe. Please, CLICK HERE now to give and share with your friends. Freezing winter months in Croatia are only a few weeks away, … Continue reading

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They Died Praying

On Thursday, 2nd April 2015, only a few days short of Easter, a group of Islamist terrorists from Somalia, with Kenyan connections, slaughtered 150 unsuspecting students. It seemed at first that the students at the Garissa University in Garissa, Kenya … Continue reading

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