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Letter to America, Seventeen Years Later

Seventeen years ago, only three weeks after the unprecedented Sept. 11 terrorist attack on the U.S., which took more than 3,000 innocent lives, I shared the following letter, which I wrote from Croatia at that time, with a group of … Continue reading

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The Right Time and the Right Cause to Give

Friends, let me share something from my filed of service that has been my primary work and ministry over the past sixteen years. If you feel inclined to respond feel free to see the additional information as you read our … Continue reading

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Notes from the Refugee Trail in Serbia

  Just over a month has passed since my return from Serbia where, together with the ROM and EUS team, I spent several days encountering refugees from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. I tried to keep some kind of journal. Here … Continue reading

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News from Nigeria

Not many know that while the North of Nigeria is plagued by terrorism, the country’s South is plagued in another way. In Nigeria beautiful, innocent children, as young as two years of age, are abused, tortured, abandoned, mutilated, killed by … Continue reading

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Letter to My American Friends Written in 2001

The very character of Jesus speaks powerfully against any jihad or holy war, including those with the Christian overtones. Continue reading

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